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Services Offered

Sobriety In Motion offers a holistic recovery program which consists of 3 phases and several services. 

Each of the first 2 phases in the recovery program last for 12 weeks. During a residents 24 week stay at our program they are provided the following services:

Phase 1

During a resident's first 15 days at our program, they are interviewed and provided a personalized recovery plan based on their individual needs. Residents are involved in one on one and group sharing. Residents are encouraged to learn and incorporate 12 step spiritual principles and strategies into their everyday lives and how to use these spiritual principles and strategies to effectively deal with obsessive thinking and the compulsion to use drugs and alcohol. Residents are also required to obtain a sponsor and to attend 12 step recovery groups daily.

Phase 2

After a resident has been stabilized and achieved the milestones in their recovery plan, they are allowed to seek gainful employment while residing at our house.  They are still subject to the curfew as well as the same rules and random urine screens that pertain to Phase 1 participants.  Phase 2 participants learn how to be self supporting by paying a small program fee and how to create and maintain a budget if need be.  Upon leaving Phase 2 they have the opportunity to become productive and contributing members of the community once again...

Phase 3

At this point, it is time for the residents to become community ready. Sessions are presented on how to create a resume that is appropriate for the type of job they are seeking while highlighting their skill sets and talents. They are taught how to interview properly and what questions should and should not be asked. We help clients prepare for the winning interview with their identification, resume and certified backgrounds.

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These are some of the tools the residents of Sobriety In Motion can work with as they  strive to become a part of the American Dream ensuring success for themselves, their families and the community.


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